There There - Live at Turning Point - Now Available!


There There - Live at Turning Point album cover


🎡🀩 New Album Now Live!! 🀩🎡

Check the link below!!

My new album, "There There - Live at Turning Point" is aliiiive πŸ˜„

This album was recorded at Turning Point record shop, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, toΒ  an intimate crowd of friends and family.

I perform every track from my debut album, "In Seed"; however the new album takes on an entirely new and beautiful quality.

It's been 2 years since I recorded, "In Seed". In that time I feel that I've developed as a vocalist and a performer. "Live at Turning Point" presents these songs with a new energy and timbre.

Added to that, I've been performing alongside my backing track so many times now, that the track itself has become one of the instruments in the music. I do new harmonizations along with the backing vocals to a new and wonderful effect.

Finally, this is LIVE πŸ˜„ I don't think there is a performer on earth who can't be influenced by the mood and support of the crowd, and I am no exception. The album was originally designed to build and ride on a wave of varying intensity. With my mood being lifted by those around me, the power of the journey is only amplified.

A huge shoutout to Loretta Media for the amazing job on the recording, and to Turning Point for letting us party there.

You can listen to the album now on Spotify via the link below, or listen to it on iTunes, Apple Music, Google Play, YouTube Music, or any other major streaming service 🎡🎡🎡