How to Hide in Plain Sight

I've never been accused of being the most open guy in the world.

In fact I'm a pretty private person in many ways. Which poses the great question, why would such a private person, want to do something as public as become a musical artist? Why indeed.

When I was a kid, we had a really big rainfall.

The next day, there were all these huge puddles across the entire schoolyard. Big, and deep, and broad, patch-working the whole property, and drowning our soccer field and running track.

I jumped into one.

Not like, standing up, splashing around, jumped into one. Like, I dove into it. It was so cold. Must've been early spring or late fall. I remember I was wearing a jacket.

The next thing I knew, there was a flurry of activity all around me.

Steady streams of children approached from all directions. As if to the Pied Piper. They crowded around, wide-eyed, trying to get a better look. The bigger ones pushed to the front of the throng, asking questions like, "What happened?"

"Did you fall in?"

"He didn't fall in. He jumped in."

"Why did you do that?"

I walked away from the puddle, back towards the school, with the whole teeming, clamouring mess of kids in tow.

The playground was emptied. Every single little person out there that day, formed a long parade of chattering humanity. With me at the lead.

Shortly thereafter I was whisked away to the principal's office.

Well, to the hall outside his office. He didn't ask me into his office, on account of the muddy water permeating every inch of my attire. I sat there, legs dangling over the edge of the chair, water dripping off those. I remember the murky puddle at my feet. I waited for my mother to arrive.

When she finally got there, I could see she was next-level angry.

About ready to pop. But my mother doesn't yell in public. She's got too much class for that. She briefly went into the principal's office, then came out, the whites of her eyes bulging, set in a mask of controlled outrage. "Let's go," She said dangerously.

Silently we returned to the car.

She opened the door for me, and I got in. She started it up, and pulled out of the parking lot. Moments away from the school she began to let out an extended verbalization of her myriad frustrations with the situation.

Her knuckles whitened.

Staring straight ahead out of the windshield and leaning forward toward the steering wheel, she listed off my crimes - Getting a call from the principal's office in the middle of the day, having to leave work, to drive all the way there, and the state of my clothes, and the mess in her car. She let me have it.

At last she paused for breath, then turned her head towards me sharply. "Whatever possessed you son?!" She demanded.

According to her, I looked her in the face, ever so calmly, head held high, and said, hand to god...

"I did it for the amusement of my peers."

Change stays the same.

Here I am, years later, driven by some inexplicable, inexorable inner desire to show something of myself to the world. Thankfully my taste has developed somewhat. Attention for attention's sake has long since lost it's appeal. I still want the world to look, but when they do, I want them to see something meaningful, something worthwhile.

I also want to have my secrets.

Maybe that's why I've adopted the songwriting style I have. I try not to say too much, or too much overt. I speak in clips and phrases. Vivid gibberish. With my poetry I try to simultaneously put something out there that reflects a part of me, without revealing too much; and at the same time resounds with others, so as to evoke a connection to the song and its story; to some experience once felt. 

Things with the album are moving along apace.

I just got the masters back from Conduction Mastering and they sound good. Mastering is the final step of the song production process, and when I listened to the album for the first time after getting it back, it had this soft, warming quality. Like listening to caramel, if you can imagine that.

Next is going to be marketing.

The photoshoot for the album and promotional materials is slotted for August 25th. My boy at Ryan Wight Photography is gonna be taking the shots, and I've been working with my homie Chris Di Lauro on the visual art. It's shaping up to look pretty neat when it's all done. 

With the way things are going, it looks like the album release party is going to happen in early September. It's going to bring me so much joy, to show the world what I've done. Stay tuned.