Ever Have a Dream?

Time can be hard to take.

It becomes overbearing, overwhelming. You try to ignore its passing. Cast it off. Like you kick the blankets off when it gets too hot. 

Then the years start to pile.

One atop the other. They start to get bunched up, like the comforter at your feet.

Something clicks.

Something is brought to the front of your mind. You dig through the mound. Wait a minute. I've lost something. Something precious to me.

There was a dream in here. 

There was something I was supposed to do. There was someone I was supposed to be. You are suddenly gripped by fear.

This is a precious gift.

Whatever it is that shocks you into remembering your dreams, hold it tight, and tread carefully, purposefully. As if you were cupping water in your hands, as you moved across the desert. 

Sometimes, I get these visions.

They help me to understand the person I am, and the world all around us. These images in my mind. A way to picture or frame some aspect of myself, in a way that sticks with me. 

I see myself throughout my life.

A row of previous selves, from every stage of my life before this, disappearing into the horizon.

The little kid who could summon up worlds. 

The growing child who didn't want to stop playing pretend.

The teenager whose mind burned through the unfairness all around him.

The young man who wanted to heal earth. 

They look at me. 

Each one looks in my direction, with all the hopes and dreams that they held for me today.

They stand silently.

Waiting. Watching to see what I will do next.

We finished the photo shoot last month.

A huge shoutout to Ryan and Chris for all their help. I'm so happy with the result. 

I dedicate the photos to David Bowie, and Freddie Mercury, and all the other exhibitionist-introverts of the world.

The album release party is this weekend.

Saturday, September 15th, 9 PM, at Babylon Nightclub, I'll perform the entire album. It's slated to be released online that night, at 10:30, as soon as I get off stage. Then you should be able to get it on Spotify, Apple Music, and other large streaming services.

You can pre-save it now on Spotify through DistroKid.

DistroKid is a service that uploads your music to streaming platforms. It's how I got the album online. It's changing the industry. You can connect your Spotify account to it, and save the album now, before it's released. 

This really helps me.

Spotify playlists look at stuff that is about to be released, and if they see it has a bunch of pre-saves, they'll add it to their rotation. Pre-saving helps me out in a big way, and if you felt like doing it, it'd mean a lot to me. 

Click this link to connect DistroKid to your Spotify, pre-save my album, "In Seed", and help me get on playlists.

For everyone who's coming to the release party on Saturday, I look forward to seeing you all in person. For everyone else, you can catch the album online, and I hope it brings you some joy.